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1890 Kitchen

1890's Kitchen

Although this section of the house was part of the original 1790's addition, it has be restored to resemble a typical 1890's kitchen. Many of the items in this room would have exhibited in the original configuration of the house

The Kitchen

In one corner of the kitchen is the water pump,

The well would have been located directly underneath this pump with a pipe extending into the well for the pump. There was probably a soapstone of other type of sink located here to collect any excess water.

This smaller fireplace shares a chimney with the fireplace in the all-purpose room and would have probably been used in the summertime when starting a large fire wasn't needed. A large coal stove now occupies the fireplace and would have been a vast improvement in cooking over the plain fireplace. Notice the many flat irons on the stove. People would have had more then on iron so that one could be heating while the other was used for ironing. Coffee pots and a stove top toaster are also present on the stove. A spice box is located on the wall.


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