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The 1735 House

The 1735 House

The 1735 section of the Woodruff house is the oldest portion of the house. Built around 1735 when George Washington was a mere 3 years old. This section consists of two rooms - the front room and the rear room. Restored to its original condition some say this is the most attractive portion of the house.

The Front Room

The front room contains a fireplace, storage space built into the wall itself as well as many unique items.

Entering the front room you see the main fireplace and the built in wall storage. The society has acquired Emma Woodruff's wedding bonnet (circa 1860) that is now stored in the cupboard. We have also acquired a soup tureen and pitcher that we have verified where once used in the house. Button hook baby shoes and other dishware round out the cupboard collection.

On the mantel is a clock circa 1824.

Turning left you are now looking out the front of the house. Framed between the two windows is a copy of the Declaration of Independence written on silk cloth in the early 1800's. This item was donated by society member Marion Earl and comes from her estate. Marion Earl was a direct descendant of many of Elizabethtowns original settlers.

Looking in the corner you will see a portrait of Thomas Jefferson donated by Al Mading. . In the display case are the Woodruff and Earl family bibles. They are opened to the birth and death records of the family which were recorded in the family bible. The woodruff family bible has dates going back to before the house was built. The table and chairs you see here where donated by Jane Eaton Schorr's cousin Marian Kraft. Matt and Helen Witting drove to Florida to retrieve these items for the society.

Rear Room

The rear room also has a fireplace, although smaller and is currently setup as the "bedroom" of the historical house.

The main item in this room is the bed. The bed is rope strung. The "mattress" would have consisted of a stuffed straw, hay, or horse hair. Notice the chamber pot underneath the bed. Hanging in back of the bed is a collection of dresses and cloths the society has collected over the years.

Although difficult to see in this picture, the window contains original glass from the house in 1735. Looking at it up close shows that it isn't entirely clear and has "waves" which distort the view. This was normal for glass of that time. In addition the window consists of 6 panes over 9 panes. Glass panes where small because all glass was imported from England since there were no glass factories in the new world. Smaller glass had a much better chance of surviving the trip.

On the mantle to the left you'll notice a slate. This slate belonged to Emma Woodruff. Marked on the wood frame is "1840 Salem School". Salem school is now a home situated on a small hill just over the Salem Dam. This school was for all the children in the area. Children would carry the slate to school, do their work on it, and then carry it home for homework.

Hanging on the wall to the left of the slate is a cooper bed warmer.The device would have been filled with hot brick or coals and moved around between the mattress and comforter to warm the bed before going to sleep.

CannonBall found on Pennsylvania Ave. in Hillside.


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