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1790 Addition

1790 - All Purpose Room

This section of the house was added around 1790. It contains a large cooking fireplace. The floors and ceiling are original to this section and were preserved through the years until they were uncovered during the restoration. The door you see in this picture now leads to a kitchen, but was originally part of the "borning room" where babies where born. This "borning room" was split to create two separate room, one now a bathroom and one a kitchen.

The Fireplace End

The fireplace was the focal point of the room and would have been used for cooking as well as heat.

The large fireplace would have been the place where all the cooking was done. There is a large crane that was used to hold iron pots. This crane could be turned in and out of the hot fireplace to help with cooking. Although not visible in this picture, there are actual burn marks in the original floor where hot embers or coals burned holes into the floor. A collection of pewter items adore the mantel place.

Spinning Wheel End

The other side of the room contains many of the common tools that would have been found in this room in the 1790's including spinning wheels and braiders.

There is also a dry sink to the right in the picture above and a flour and sugar storage cabinet at the left of the picture. Different urbs would have hung from the ceiling to give the room a scent. Most of the furniture in this room is on loan from the Union County Historical Society.


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