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The Woodruff House and Eaton Store Museum

The Woodruff House and Eaton Store Museum is operated and maintained by the Hillside Historical Society. Purchased by the Society in 1978, the house has been faithfully restored to its original grandeur. Open every 3rd Sunday of the month the Woodruff House is a local historic landmark. The house participates in Union's county's yearly four centuries weekend and host fundraiser's during the year.


About the Society

The Hillside Historical Society is the organization behind the restoration and on-going upkeep of the Woodruff House and Easton Store Museum We are actively seeking new members. Please see volunteer page here for more information.

About the Webmaster

My name is Keith Burkert and I am the webmaster of WoodruffHouse.org. You can e-mail me by clicking here. As a de facto member of the society since the age of 8 I have a unique view and passion for the house. Please see My Story on the site.


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